8 Ways to Make Your Outfits Look More Expensive

Ah, Instagram. It has the power to connect us in ways we never imagined, but it also has the power to make us feel like everyone else has or does something better than we do. Ask any fashion person and I guarantee they’ll admit that scrolling through their feed has caused them some sartorial envy at one point or another. Whether it’s fabulous outerwear or unfairly chic bags, fashion influencers are typically flaunting some seriously cool pieces.

Since like most people, I have a limited bank account, I can’t always just jump up and buy the wildly expensive pieces I find myself saving on the app. Instead, I’ve gotten pretty damn good at finding similar styles at a more reasonable price point. So I figured I’d share some of the pieces I found for less with you here today since I’m probably not the only one with a massive saved folder of pretty things.

From the shearling jacket of my dreams to the snakeskin boots I haven’t stopped thinking about for months, these are the eight fashion-girl favorites that I found for significantly more affordable prices.