8 Summer Accessory Trends for 2020 That Look So Timeless

Of all the fashion items there are to buy out there, it’s accessories that I’ll always care about the most. I just love that you can wear a new bag or pair of earrings every day until you get tired of it, and it’s perfectly fine, but if you do that with a new dress or top, for example, your friends, family, and co-workers will probably take note. So this explains why the bulk of my shopping budget goes toward shoes, bags, jewelry, hats, hair accessories, and, these days, face masks.

Since I tend to spend more on accessories than clothes, I want them to be more than just a one-season wear. So it’s timeless accessories that I gravitate toward, and luckily, many of the summer accessory trends for this year that are percolating have natural longevity. Keep scrolling to shop the non-trendy accessory trends I’m prioritizing right now, and see how other stylish women are wearing them.