8 Pieces That Will Make a Perfect Outfit for Women Over 50

If it’s easy and elevated outfit ideas we’re looking for, Susie Wright always has options for us. That’s right. With decades of fashion experience under her belt, the stylist and former Nordstrom buyer just gets it. Wright also happens to be 55. And while the year you were born should have absolutely nothing do with your sartorial choices, her more seasoned style perspective is often of interest. Speaking of, she recently shared some of the winter items she’s most excited to wear this season. On that note, we also wanted insight into the specific items she thinks can help make a “perfect outfit” when they’re incorporated into various looks.

Of course, everyone’s version of the perfect outfit varies based on personal style, but to Wright, it’s the sleek items below that help craft her ideal ensembles when they’re mixed with other basics. With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out a range of staples Wright relies on in her day to day, complete with visual and shopping inspiration.