8 Outfits Featuring the Rixo Tina Tiger-Print Skirt

If you were to think back to one of the most viral items of 2018, the leopard skirt by Réalisation would undoubtedly come to your mind first. While fashion girls everywhere are still wearing the style with pride, there’s another punchy pick that might shape up to have that same cult status this year. Yep, we’re talking about this tiger-print style by London-based line Rixo.

A coveted brand among the in-crowd, Rixo is best known for its range of graphic pieces. While we’ve already gone over this top vacation dress, we thought we’d take a deeper dive into the Tina skirt next. There really are many factors that contribute to the skirt’s must-have status. Most noteworthy of course is its on-trend print that not only pops in an Instagram image but also has the ability to turn every head in an instant IRL. Then there’s the forward-feeling silhouette, hitting right above the ankle with a slight slit, allowing it to be dressed up with a blouse for work or down on the weekend with a tee.

While we could go on and on about the beauty of the skirt, we thought we’d have the fashion elite do the rest. Keep scrolling to scope how everyone on Instagram is styling this It skirt now. Plus, shop it before it’s too late.