8 Oprah Quotes on Self Esteem and Loving Yourself

When it comes to fashion tips there are a few different categories that come to mind. Outfit ideas, designers to shop, the season’s trends, and so forth. But if you scratch a bit more below the surface there’s a certain type of tip that can only be given by a very special person; the kind of person who looks beyond the actual piece of clothing and introspectively into how it can transform you (or how you can transform it, rather).

Yes, friends, we’re talking about self-confidence! And who better to turn to for advice on how to embody it than Oprah? Since her television show debuted in the mid-1980s Oprah Winfrey has showcased the benefits of loving yourself and how that can translate to the way we dress. Whether it’s embracing your curves (or lack of them) or ditching the worry of what others think, there are a myriad of lessons to take away from what she’s said and will say in the years to come.

Scroll down to read eight Oprah Winfrey quotes on how to live your best most stylish life.