8 of the Best Wedding Guest Outfits to Try This Year

Looking for the ultimate wedding guest outfit? Call off the search—we have you covered for every possible church, city, location and vibe to come for 2019’s nuptial season. To help you in your quest to be the coolest guest, push aside the stereotypical ideas about wedding attire and instead think about the below wedding outfit suggestions.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with falling back on a midi dress (particularly if you pair it with metallic shoes), but you can also opt for an autumn-ready suit, or perhaps a polka-dot jumpsuit complete with strappy sandals.

What we’re saying is that there are no rules. Well, other than the fact that you want to look smart, feel comfortable, and not upset the bride. To help you with styling ideas, we’ve found eight fail-safe ensembles. Click through our gallery for wedding guest outfit ideas you can always rely on.