8 New Denim Brands to Try This Season

It’s safe to assume you already have a go-to pair of jeans that makes you feel 100% yourself, and while we don’t ever want you to have to part ways with said jeans, we do want you to consider expanding your denim horizons as we enter a fresh season. Considering jeans are a must-have in any well-versed wardrobe, owning multiple pairs that serve multiple purposes is nothing short of wise, and as of late, brands have been catching onto the movement of “wearable wardrobes” by either creating a new brand from the ground up or by incorporating jeans into their runway collections

Ahead we’ve compiled a list of brands that are doing both. Some brands are newer, such as SlvrLake, while others aren’t necessarily known for their denim but have been churning out pairs that have fashion girls scrambling for more (e.g., Khaite). As we dive headfirst into fall, updating your denim assortment is a task that should not be overlooked. One scroll through the selection ahead should leave you fully in the loop when it comes to the latest in the denim world, and adding a few pairs to your cart will have your wardrobe more than ready for the seasonal shift ahead.