8 New and Easy Jeans Outfits to Try This Fall

Sometimes, all you need is to see other people looking really cool in jeans to be reminded that you too can look really cool in jeans—even the ones you’ve owned for years. It might seem impossible to make your old basic denim feel fresh again, but I have a feeling that after seeing the eight fall denim outfits ahead, your mindset will shift. None of the looks I have included here are out of the ordinary. In fact, they really are quite simple, but this fall, simple is our goal. 

Instead of feeling stressed or pressured into buying tons of new items, the outfit ideas ahead will hopefully remind you that your closet is poppin’ and that with the addition of just a few one-off items, you could literally create all eight jeans outfits at the drop of a hat. And if that’s not encouraging, I don’t know what is.