8 Items You Need to Survive NYC Winter

When I first moved to NYC in November of last year, I was absolutely clueless heading into the winter abyss. I came without a winter coat, high socks, gloves, or even an umbrella. Long story short, I was not remotely prepared.

After living in Los Angeles for basically my whole life, I needed a little bit of guidance on how to deal with this whole weather thing. Luckily, the lovely Nicole Eshaghpour and Lauren Eggertsen, Who What Wear’s editors in New York, were so helpful to me during my time of need. They gave me a list of things to buy to survive cold weather, and it was so helpful for me that I’m sharing it with you. I even included a photo of the list below because I still reference it to this day.

I truly would not be surviving winter if not for these eight things, and although (hopefully) the cold weather will subside soon, the hard truth is that we’ve still got a bit of winter left to go. It’s not too late to invest in these winter pieces, and I promise you will not regret it.