8 Fall 2020 Trends to Shop Right Now

We are just about to enter into that awkward summer-to-fall transition period where it’s too hot to wear coats but too cold to wear plain tanks. Since at this current moment, shopping for the fall essentials might feel a tad premature, I made it my mission to figure out that sweet spot we can all be shopping right now without feeling ridiculous. Instead of leaving this early fall 2020 shopping list to my own devices, I reached out to two of my favorite fashion experts in the industry for their take on the matter. 

Enter Caroline Maguire, fashion director at Shopbop, and Celenie Laura Fleur Seidel, senior women’s fashion editor at Farfetch. I tapped them for their ultimate list of fall trends we should all be shopping right now. Including some of the heavy-hitters plus a couple of more nuanced trends, the list ahead is sure to get you excited for many more days of fall shopping ahead.