8 Clothing Basics That Have Become So Trendy

The other day, my co-worker Nicole and I were discussing the extensive list of items on our fall shopping lists. As we were chatting about each of the trendy new pieces we planned on adding to our carts, I realized that a majority of the items on my list weren’t actually “trends” at all—they were basics that, thanks to the stylish fashion girls of the world, have officially become, well, trendy. I am really picky when it comes to what I deem a trend, so it makes sense that I was struggling with suiting becoming one of the most well-accepted fall trends of not only this season but last season as well, in addition to the rise of the more stylized bourgeoisie trend. At the end of the day, things like suits and trousers are not anything new; they are wardrobe staples that maybe weren’t cool, but they certainly weren’t out.

When classics suddenly become cool, do we call them a trend? Yes? No? It’s confusing, but all I know is that the return to a more simplistic way of dressing is here, and the trending basics ahead are leading the way. Take time to learn all about the basic pieces—including button-down shirts, shoulder bags, and even loafers—that are currently paving the way for a larger movement in this industry that is both unavoidable and exciting. The good news is that you probably own a majority of the eight items listed below, but in case you don’t, we shopped our favorite versions of each to ensure your fall wardrobe is fully up to date.