8 Affordable Swimsuits That Are Celeb-Approved for Summer

It’s no secret that celebrities have a penchant for wearing designer items. While we love luxurious, high-end fashion as much as the next person, it’s always refreshing to see our favorite celebs steps out wearing something affordable. After all, the so-called “investment pieces” that we spot them wearing are just that—investments. They’re items that we plan and save for; they may be expensive purchases, but they’re not necessarily spontaneous purchases. We keep track of any affordable and celebrity-approved pieces we find for days when we feel the need to expand our wardrobe without minimizing our bank accounts.

Lately, many of those affordable and celebrity-approved pieces that we’re seeing are swimsuits… no surprise there; it is mid-July after all. Celebs like Selena Gomez, Ashley Graham, Kylie Jenner, and more, have all been spotted wearing swimsuits that are $150 and under. Keep scrolling to see them all (because why not refresh your swimsuit collection halfway through summer?).