8 ’90s Jewelry Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Season

Sweet summertime is officially here, striking up memories of childhood days spent by the pool with puka shells strung around my neck, running barefoot to the beach while my anklet jingled lightly, Popsicles melting in the heat as I showed my friends the newest addition to my charm bracelet… Ah, the ’90s. Fast-forward to living as a fashion girl in New York City and there’s nary a pool nor Popsicle in sight, but puka shells? They’re everywhere, as ’90s jewelry trends are about to be hotter than Manhattan in August.

Though many ’90s trends induce great divides—you either love ’em or hate ’em—there’s no denying that the kitschy, playful vibes of ’90s jewelry lend themselves perfectly to summer. This season, think anything that jingles or dangles while making a bright, colorful statement. From anklets to chokers, the ’90s are calling, and we’re picking up.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up the eight jewelry trends that have made their way out of the ’90s and into 2019, and shown you ways to wear them everywhere from the beach to the five boroughs. Before you raid your childhood jewelry box, scroll ahead to learn about the modern twist on each trend, how fashion girls are styling them, and our favorite versions for summer.