7 Winter Fashion Trends French Girls Are Wearing

There’s no doubt about it, the people in Paris just know how to dress. No matter what the season, I’m constantly taking inspiration from outfits on the streets of Paris but French winter fashion always stands out as particularly good. One of the people I’m looking to right now? Nadja Ahmed, whose elevated take on basics constantly has me inspired. Curious to get her take on French style, I asked Ahmed to share how it’s impacted her personal style and the pieces she’s wearing this winter.

Relocating to Paris from Sweden nearly two years ago, the city has made a big impact on Ahmed’s style.“I walk down the street and I see effortlessly chic French women and men, and I instantly get inspired,” she explained. “Parisians are all about that simple, chic, and effortless look. I’ve noticed that ever since I moved here. I’ve invested in more good basic pieces that will last me longer.” So, which timeless basics is she wearing on repeat this season? Ahead, Ahmed is sharing the seven French winter fashion essentials she recommends.