7 Winter Buys Women Over 40 Are Prioritizing

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: our fashion friends over 40 are an unlimited source of style inspiration for us. There’s just something about this group’s seasoned style perspective that always hits the mark. In other words, whether it’s the stores they always shop or how they’re styling their basics, just get it. That’s not to say that we don’t also follow a number of fashion people across age groups but there is a certain expertise that comes from years of fine-tuning your wardrobe and we’re simply here to celebrate that. 

Seeing as winter is on our doorsteps and the cold-weather can often be the trickiest to dress for, we’ve tapped this group yet again for a much-needed dose of inspiration as we head into the next season. After surveying the feeds of our favorite 40-plus influencers like Grece Ghanem, Elaine Davis, and Tennille Murphy, we’ve concluded that the following seven winter-ready fashion items are universally-beloved by them. From the timeless coat style they’re backing to the comfortable shoe trend we want to wear on repeat, keep reading to discover how they’re wearing each and shop our picks.