7 Ways to Wear Skinny Jeans and Ankle Boots for Fall

Given that fall is approaching pretty swiftly (wild, we know), it seems appropriate to start planning those autumn wardrobes and noting outfit ideas to test out for the season. One timeless pairing that just always works? Yep, you guessed it—the skinny jean and ankle boots duo. Sure, skinny jeans can be polarizing in nature for some, but the denim silhouette is more or less timeless at this point, and looks A+ with booties. As a result, fashion people continue to embrace the look on the regular.

On that note, we scrolled through the feeds of some of our favorite follows to uncover a smattering of solid outfits featuring skinny jeans and ankle boots. Below you’ll find the seven standouts, including everything from a chic ‘fit with an of-the-moment trench coat to a cozy sweater ensemble. Intrigued? Keep scrolling for more, complete with a range of shopping inspiration as well.