7 Wardrobe Investments Anna Wintour Would Approve Of

For so many of us, the most important clothing purchases we make are the ones that focus on investment pieces, not trends. The kind of items that don’t fade from view after a season but rather last for several years on end. Blazers, boots, versatile accessories, timeless jewelry baubles… you know the kind. These wise investments serve as the bread and butter of our outfits and thus warrant further review.

If you’ve reached for items in your closet only to realize there are some glaring holes that need filling, consider the following shopping checklist, courtesy of none other than Anna Wintour. The Vogue Editor in Chief needs no introduction or justification as to why she’s one to turn to for style advice. So instead, we’ll concentrate on the seven wardrobe investments the icon wears on repeat. Ahead, discover these stylish staples and shop the ones your closet is currently missing to ensure you’ll never be short on outfits.