7 Tips for Incorporating Pants Into Your Wardrobe

There are two types of people in the world: Those who love pants, and those who loathe them. I’ve always fallen in the latter category. Since I lived in Los Angeles for the past four years, my wardrobe did not require pants. In fact, at one point, I only owned one pair of jeans because why wear pants when it’s not required? Alas, upon purging my wardrobe to move to New York City, I realized that the new climate would require the one thing my wardrobe was lacking. You guessed it: pants.

So in the name of explorative journalism, I decided to try to wear pants for a week, and to be honest, I failed miserably. In the beginning, it felt like a week of experimentation, but it quickly turned into feeling like I was forcing myself to wear pants. And while I failed to wear pants for seven days in a row (I can’t become a pant person overnight), I did manage to tolerate and—dare I say—like pants at the end of my journey. So for my anti-pant people everywhere, here are small trials you can do at home to rip off the Band-Aid and put some pants on. I promise it won’t hurt.