7 Things We Know Carrie Bradshaw Would Wear in 2019

Year after year, there’s one style icon we keep coming back to—Carrie Bradshaw. During its original airtime, Sex and the City contained some of the biggest fashion labels and trends in the sartorial world. Fast-forward a bit and you’ll reach the time in our lives when watching reruns of the series had us cringing at the site of nearly every look on the show. Today, and thanks to the S/S 19 runways, we find ourselves right back where we started—idolizing Carrie and her ever-evolving wardrobe.

Call it what you want, but here at Who What Wear, we love analyzing fresh batches of trends in as many ways as possible. This time around, we’re wondering one thing: Should Sarah Jessica Parker’s character on Sex and the City be in existence today, which 2019 trends would she wear? Every answer we came up with is waiting for you below. With picture proof from back in the day and current market picks to satisfy your Carrie-inspired shopping craving, this just might be the most relevant Carrie Bradshaw shopping story we’ve done yet.