7 Things I’m Not Wearing With Skinny Jeans

Despite the fact that skinny jeans are one of the most classic denim styles we have, they can be one of the trickiest to wear. Aside from fit, rise, wash, and material, there’s the predicament of what to wear with them. I recently waxed poetic about the shoe style I’ve completely stopped wearing with skinny jeans, and it got me thinking about all the things I’ve banished from my skinny-jean outfits—of which there are several.

The reason why skinny jeans can be a challenge to style is plain and simple: They’re tight. They look best with pieces that balance out the slim proportions of the jeans, and I try to stick to complementary pieces and trends that help them to feel as fresh as possible for that particular season. And that said, at this point in time, there are several pieces that I don’t see myself adding to my skinny-jean outfits anytime soon but luckily, there are much chicer alternatives to consider.

Keep reading to find out which pieces I’ve banished from my skinny-jean outfits (but that doesn’t mean I’ve banished them from my wardrobe entirely), and shop what I’m wearing with them instead.