7 Things a Germaphobe Would Never Wear to the Airport

I don’t know about you, but I’ve probably watched a few too many of those news segments about the most bacteria-laden places on a plane and looked a little too closely at those stains on the seats of chairs in airport waiting areas. When it comes to air travel, ignorance truly is bliss, but since it’s kind of too late for me as far as that’s concerned, I’ve resigned myself to being a bit of an airport germaphobe. 

Since I can’t (and wouldn’t want to) avoid traveling, my solution is to pack plenty of Purell and wear items that help me to avoid the dreaded skin-on-germ contact. Below are seven items that I’ve come to learn are best avoided when spending a day at the airport and on planes. So just in case you too have read a few too many airport-germ-exposure stories, read on and keep in mind for your own future travel outfit planning. (Plus, shop the seven types of items I wear instead.)