7 Summer Shoe Trends That Will Dominate 2019

Just because a trend is “controversial” doesn’t mean the fashion set will shy away from it. On the contrary, in fact. Looking at the latest shoe trends that have hit the fashion scene, there is plenty of evidence that the fashion world loves to embrace pieces that are “weird” or “ugly” and “controversial.” And I’m predicting that many of them will dominate fashion for summer 2019.

Some of these controversial shoe trends were spotted all over the runways and are now emerging in the wardrobes of fashion insiders. Take heeled flip-flops, for example. Seen at shows like Bevza and Tibi, these designs are hitting retailers right now and are about to take over for the months ahead with celebrities like Kendall Jenner already on board. Other trends are less about the specific shoe and more about how they’re styled. Tricky pieces like anklets and tall nylon socks are among the styling pieces fashion insiders are gravitating toward. Go on to see seven controversial summer shoe trends that will be everywhere in 2019, and shop our edit.