7 Spring Fashion Trends NYC Girls Are Wearing

Given that NYC girls get that whole fashion-meets-function idea (you know, for a life of running around the city), we consistently turn to them for primo style inspiration. In fact, we recently highlighted the basic items this set will wear throughout 2020. Now, we’re ready to take it one step further to showcase the spring staples New Yorkers will probably gravitate toward this season to look especially chic—all based on items they seem to be consistently wearing in street style.

Naturally, the staples in question are all trend-forward but effortless and easy for an on-the-go lifestyle. We’re talking everything from directional denim cuts to comfortable and cool shoes. With all that in mind, keep scrolling for a digest on the spring staples NYC women will most likely wear to keep extra fashionable and polished this season. Plus, shop each item as well—because honestly, they’ll work for anyone, anywhere (even if you don’t reside in the Big Apple).