7 Risky Celebrity Outfits We Actually Love

While there are tons of classic outfit combos one could wear to easily impress this season—in fact, you can see and shop nine of my favorites here—a handful of our favorite celebs have chosen the riskier route to fall fashion and caught my attention in doing so. Whether it’s the seemingly popular decision to skip pants or the equally prevalent choice to opt for a bra instead of a blouse, from Gigi to Katie to Barbie, the below It girls are not playing it safe in the slightest, but, wow, is it paying off. 

If this is the part where you start to assume these looks won’t be for you, trust me when I say that somehow, they’re actually quite approachable. I typically describe my day-to-day style as simple, but I think I’m drawn to the below looks because, for the most part, they’re actually all twists on basics and classic pieces. To see all seven of the outfits for yourself and shop some of the items you’ll need to get the looks along the way, just keep scrolling.