7 Popular Spring Color Trends at Zara

If you want to know what’s currently cool in the sartorial world, head to Zara. This fast-fashion retailer doesn’t want you to have to dig or work for anything on its site. Instead, it smacks you right in the face with its newness and all its glory. Be it a new editorial campaign, popular new styles, or a new shipment of the season’s hottest trends, at Zara, if you want it, you got it. Currently, the site is buzzing with tons of new spring trends, including some of the season’s hottest colors, further exciting us for the day it actually feels warm enough to wear all of our spring essentials.

After scrolling through the site for even just a few minutes, it was clear there are some spring color trends Zara is loving more than others. While neutrals and neons still reign supreme in not only the Zara world but also the fashion industry as a whole, there were seven others that caught our attention, and we need you to be made aware of them. From hot, hot pinks to mellow yellows, check out the spring 2019 colors that are officially about to go viral thanks to Zara.