7 Outfits With Sweatshirts Fashion People Are Wearing

2020 has really been the year of trendy basics. Between lots of lounging around and a desire to dress more casual in and out of the house, basics have taken on a whole new level of importance. Of course, being the style-minded people we are, we not just going to wear any old basic clothing item. It’s going to be a slightly cooler, more updated version and today I’m adding one more of these trendy basics to my list of favorites: oversized crewneck sweatshirts.

I’ve been loving the style which feels fresher than your average hoodie and fashion people have also taken a liking to them, too. All over my feed, I’m seeing loads of outfits with sweatshirts that make the formerly-boring basic look anything but. Whether they’re layering one over a collared shirt for a preppy feel or styling it with loose jeans and sneakers for a weekend vibe, it’s working. Continue on to see seven of these ‘fits so you can understand exactly where my obsession stems from.