7 Outfits With Skinny Jeans and Black Ankle Boots

As someone who personally lives in skinny jeans with a specific daily uniform, I’m always curious to see how other fellow fashion people style their skinnies. Because new outfit inspo never hurt anyone, right? Well, after recently scrolling through my “saved” board on Instagram, I realized that all of my recent favorite skinny-jean looks have one thing in common, and it’s that they feature black ankle boots.

This honestly makes perfect sense because despite your stance on skinnies, in general, the denim style really is a classic silhouette at this point—and so are black ankle boots. So if you put the two together, well that’s just a no-fail outfit right there. To get a sense of the outfits in question, I’m showcasing seven standouts right here. And because I know we all love to shop, I curated a selection of my favorite skinnies and booties as well. Enjoy.