7 Outfits to Re-Create Before Summer Ends

It’s hard to believe, but summer 2020 is basically already halfway over. In no way has this summer turned out to be anything like we thought it would, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be as drastically affected as your social life. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been living in sweats, big T-shirts, and anything “soft” but have been craving the sweet satisfaction of putting together an outfit that makes you feel like you again—one that does not include leggings, pajamas, or slippers. 

My challenge to you is to choose one of the outfits below (or one you have stored up in your stylish brain) to wear before summer’s end. You will be surprised how much a solid outfit can boost your mood amidst trying times. It sounds trivial—and in no way is putting on a cute new look saving the world—but sometimes it can save your sanity and that’s pretty important too. 

Ahead, discover and shop the seven outfits you should attempt to re-create before summer 2020 ends.