7 Outfits L.A. Girls Are Wearing to Beat the Summer Heat

L.A. girls are experts when it comes to summer style. Which makes sense, considering they live in one of the few major American cities that’s relatively warm year-round. Whether they’re in the midst of the mild winter months or the sweltering summer season, they know how to piece together outfits that marry fashion and function, thus keeping their cool while hanging out beachside in Malibu, jaunting around DTLA, filling up the farmer’s market in Echo Park, or heading out to brunch in WeHo.

As someone who grew up in Michigan and moved to L.A. a mere three years ago, I’m still not used to the incessant heat that radiates through the city from July through October (as I write this, it’s a balmy 79 degrees, although temperatures are only expected to rise as we close out July and enter August). As such, I’m relearning how to dress for summer and taking lots of style notes from my fellow Angelenos while I’m at it. Keep scrolling to see the seven outfits L.A. girls are wearing to beat the heat.