7 Outdated Swimwear Trends, According to Fashion Girls

Swimsuit season has officially arrived, everyone. If you, like this editor, are feeling very ready for a dose of sunshine on a beach somewhere far away, you’re probably considering which swimsuits are worth wearing. This time around, there is no shortage of new swimwear trends that will be appearing poolside and on our Instagram feeds, but which ones still feel fresh and cool for a brand-new swimsuit season?

Ahead, fashion insiders are sharing the swimsuits they’re skipping for summer 2019—from the outdated trends they’re leaving behind to the uncomfortable styles they aren’t on board with. They’re also weighing in on the new trends they will be wearing as summer officially kicks off. Here, find out the seven swimsuit trends you’ll spot them wearing and seven you won’t. If you’re anything like me, their stylish picks will be sure to inspire what you’ll be packing in your suitcase.