7 New Fashion Brands That Are on the Verge of Blowing Up

The fashion industry is constantly evolving. Between the seasonal trend cycles, rotating creative directors, and emerging new brands, there is always a lot to keep up with. Unless you’re hyper-passionate about the fashion industry, all of the above would feel impossible to keep tabs on. But lucky for you, it’s our job. Now when I say “our” I mean me and the handful of incredible fashion girls you’re about to hear from. Supporting up-and-coming designers, in particular, is something we love doing here at Who What Wear, which is why I reached out to the editors, influencers, and directors below to find out which new fashion brands are catching their eyes. 

Below, you will hear some of the most talented women (most of whom I have the pleasure of calling my friends) spill the tea on the emerging brands they are loving right now. I encourage you to click into each of the highlighted brands ahead, peruse all their sartorially exciting products, and follow them on Instagram so we can further support them and propel their success together. And, by the way, if you weren’t in a shopping mood before, you certainly will be when you’re done reading this story.