7 Madewell Basics I’ve Been Buying For Years

I remember the very first time I ever bought anything from Madewell. It was 10 or 11 years ago and I had just gotten my bonus from my first full-time “office” job. When I left work for the day, I drove straight to the Century City Mall in L.A. and bought a sparkly (subtly) navy blue double-breasted blazer. I wore it dozens of times over the years and I still own it. My repeated use of the blazer and my reluctance to part with it is a testament to just how well Madewell does special basics.

I’ve continued to shop at Madewell over the years, and I have plenty of outfit photos to prove it, as you’ll see below. Something I’ve noticed about my Madewell purchases is that I always gravitate toward certain categories, i.e. jeans. (If you haven’t tried their denim yet, I urge you to do so—it’s really good.) On top of just having great basics, they offer inclusive sizing and have epic sales. All things considered, I’m a fan.

Keep scrolling to shop pieces from the 7 basics categories I’ve been buying from Madewell for the past decade.