7 Items to Keep When Cleaning Out Your Closet

In March I made the very bittersweet decision not to renew my lease in Manhattan and instead put 90% of my possessions in storage while I spent some time at home with my parents. “Some time” unexpectedly turned into nearly five months. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with joy a few weeks ago when I moved into a new apartment in L.A. and finally reunited with my wardrobe.

After unpacking all of my clothes and accessories, I not only felt like I had just gone on a huge shopping spree, but I also realized I still really love a lot of purchases I made last fall. There are seven items in particular that I have zero regrets about buying. Some are wardrobe staples and some are trendy items on their second circuit, but all are pieces I would 100% buy again for the upcoming season.