7 Grown-Up Ways to Channel the Cottagecore Beauty Trend

It’s safe to say that we’ve all found ourselves daydreaming of trips to the countryside from wherever we’re working right now, but did you know our desire to escape to more tranquil pastures has become a trend in its own right? Cue cottagecore

Born on TikTok, cottagecore is, essentially, a romanticized idea of living in the countryside and all the aesthetics that go with it. Think donning cable-knit sweaters and wearing prints like floral and gingham, all the while partaking in traditional and entirely wholesome pastimes, such as needlework, baking, and picnic-curating.

Cottagecore has certainly been evident as far as our wardrobes are concerned. After all, prairie-inspired dresses, full skirts, chunky knitwear, and milkmaid tops have dominated our closet for the last few seasons. Now, though, cottagecore is being chaneled in our beauty routines, too.

While some cottagecore beauty veers on the otherworldly (think pixie ears and avant-garde makeup), there are also subtle cottagecore beauty trends that are fast becoming some of the season’s most notable looks. These include a focus on fluttery lashes, bitten lips, flushed complexions, and effortless updos; all of which we consider to be seriously chic.

If you too have fallen for the allure of country-inspired living, keep scrolling to see the grown-up ways in which you get in on the cottagecore beauty trend.