7 Fresh Fall Hairstyles That Are Currently Trending

2020 isn’t shaping up to be the year I thought it would be—and that’s the simplest and nicest way for me to put it. Among many things in life, my hair routine has been disrupted. No salon treatments, no feeling like I’m in a hair campaign thanks to a fresh blowout. Even though salons are starting to open across the country, who knows when things will be back to how they once were, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. 

My good friend and co-worker Natalia Sztyk has been raving about the Dyson Airwrap™ styler the tool that lets you curl, wave, smooth, and dry hair all at once with no extreme heat—all thanks to the Coanda effect, which attracts and wraps hair to the barrel using only air. Honestly I was surprised to hear she was using (and loving) it, since the last I heard she’d given up hot tools. Here’s a little backstory: A few years ago, Natalia dyed her hair ombré, and as much as she said she loved how it looked, the chemicals seriously damaged her locks. So last year, she decided to get her hair healthy again by taking it back to her natural black color and committing to air drying. When recently, Natalia felt ready to invest in a product that would help reduce hair breakage and damage, it only made sense to go with a hair tool from the experts in hair health—Dyson. Dyson has a team of experts that study in detail everything from thermal, mechanical, and chemical hair damage to airflow dynamics. “Before I felt like I had no option other than letting my hair air dry, but the Dyson Airwrap is a way to create hairstyles without extreme heat,” she tells me. “There are also so many different styling attachments [six to be exact], so you can create so many hairstyles and never get bored.”