7 Fall Items New York and California Girls Are Both Wearing

If you compare stereotypical “NYC girl” style to “California girl” style, it’s kind of night and day. There are obviously very different climates on opposite coasts and while the California aesthetic leans more casual and sometimes even bohemian, the New York aesthetic leans more forward and eclectic, in general. But despite this, there are plenty of sartorial similarities, which we’re always on the lookout for.

At press time, the temperature in Los Angeles is 87 degrees while it’s a more seasonal 70 degrees in New York, but the beauty of fall clothes is that they’re typically well-suited for both mild and cooler temperatures. Hence the reason we’re seeing plenty of fall items that are currently being worn by women in both regions while scrolling through our Instagram feeds.

In case you need some fall style inspiration regardless of where you live, keep scrolling to shop seven fall pieces women on opposite sides of the nation have in common.

Too warm for a jacket but too cool to go without anything? Oversized blazers to the rescue. Bonus: They make any outfit look cooler.

The easiest way to make your outfit a little (or a lot) more fashion-forward is with a chain-strap bag. It’s pretty hard not to look cool when carrying one.

Shrug sweaters are the micro-trend that’s captured the attention of fashion girls on both coasts. They complement tanks (or swimsuits) perfectly.

If you haven’t heard that lug-sole boots are the #1 shoe trend of fall 2020, now you do.

It’s trench coat season again, and fashion people are making them look cooler than ever, whether with skinny jeans and statement accessories or leggings and sneakers.

Stirrup leggings are happening and instead of just being part of a workout outfit, we’re seeing them paired with fancier pieces like heels and bodysuits.

Pairing loafers (especially chunky styles) with socks is a look we’re seeing a lot as of late, and it’ll translate well to winter. It might be time to get yourself a pair.

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