7 Fall Fashion Trends NYC Girls Will Wear

One of the first things I learned upon moving to New York is that when you live in the city, you can’t have it all—and that’s okay! For example, the ease of having everything you want within walking distance of your apartment sometimes means skipping pretty shoes for said strolls and going more practical. Similarly, if you’re taking advantage of the city that never sleeps by making plans straight after work, you may need to consider a handbag that can hold your laptop, commuter shoes, and more—sorry, mini bags!

Of course, the style sacrifices that come along with city life are more than worth it to its residents, and if you ask me, they only motivate fashion girls to come up with better ways to marry fashion and function on a regular basis. On that note, I thought I’d hone in on the fall trends that make the most sense for NYC life—the ones I personally plan on buying into and wearing in the coming season. Intrigued? Just keep scrolling to see and shop each one.