7 Fall Fashion Trend Predictions for 2020

Meet Telsha Anderson. Hers is a name you’ll want to remember, as she’s taking the New York fashion world by storm with the arrival of her new luxury concept store t.a. in NYC’s Meatpacking District. The store, which was notably inspired by Anderson’s mother and grandmother’s one-of-a-kind closets, was set to open in March, but when Covid-19 put things on the backburner, she pivoted to e-commerce. Just in time for fall shopping, t.a. was finally able to open in early July, and it’s packed with cool, under-the-radar brands like PRISCAVera, William Okpo, PH5, Completedworks, pushBUTTON, and Lady Grey.

With summer coming to a close sooner rather than later, I was eager to get Anderson’s fresh perspective about fall 2020 trends. Given the year we have, fashion has undoubtedly been shaken up, and the trends we saw on the runways in February and March may not be exactly what everyone will be wearing come October, so Anderson’s predictions as to what people will be wearing are particularly invaluable.

Scroll to find out which 7 trends Telsha Anderson says will be everywhere this fall.