7 Editor-Approved Work Holiday Party Outfits

We’ve made it to the holiday season, everyone. Halloween has officially passed, which means that the festive party season is upon us. Unlike attending your best friend’s eggnog-fueled Netflix binge session, the office holiday party comes with some added stress. Besides the anxiety produced by attending an event with your co-workers and boss, there is also the question of what to wear. The official dress code can often be needlessly confusing. Business fun? Relaxed cocktail? Elegant holiday? What do these even mean?

With all the ambiguity, you might find yourself sitting in a pile of dresses contemplating what, exactly, works for the evening. If you’re stuck, that doesn’t mean you should just give up and wear your everyday work clothes. The office will be dressed up in tinsel and lights, so why shouldn’t you step up your game as well? Although toeing the line between professional and chic can be difficult, we are here to help. Ahead are some work party looks, vetted by Who What Wear’s own editors, that are sure to help you look your best.