7 Easy Outfit Formulas With Statement Tops and Jeans

We’re consistently on the hunt for those easy outfits that feel high-concept but take little to no effort to actually put together. Naturally, we turn to some of our favorite fashion peeps for these kinds of ideas. After a recent IG scrolling spree, it became evident that the style elite relies on a two-piece formula (not including shoes or a potential jacket) on the regular, featuring a statement-making top and jeans.

While it may not seem entirely groundbreaking at first, the vibe is actually quite forward (and goes beyond the idea of a standard blouse and jeans look) thanks to the eye-catching nature of the top in an on-trend color or bold pattern combined with an of-the-moment denim silhouette like baggier or straight-leg jeans. To highlight the power of this look further, we’re showcasing a few of our favorite ‘fits from fashion girls below. We’re also passing along inspired shopping recommendations if you’re really ready to commit to this outfit formula.