7 Easy, Fashionable Outfit Ideas Anyone Can Pull Off

While we’re all for testing out new outfit trends, we also find value in having a few standby uniforms to whip out on a regular basis. Because honestly, if you love an ensemble and it makes you feel comfortable and confident, why wouldn’t you want to re-wear it as much as possible, right? That whole notion of not being seen in the same outfit twice is so antiquated at this point anyway, with many people gravitating toward the less-is-more approach to style.

But the question is do you have a signature outfit yet? If your answer is yes, wonderful for you. (Stick around, though, since you might find something below.) If not, I’m here to showcase a few simple yet fashion-forward outfit ideas that could be worthy of a weekly, or heck, even twice-weekly rotation in your life.

With all that in mind, keep scrolling to scope a bit of outfit inspiration, courtesy of some of my favorite style setters. And while most of the looks could probably be crafted using pieces already in your closet, I also shopped out picks if you are looking for a little refresh.