7 Dress-and-Shoe Combinations That Work Like a Charm

Some of the most inspired looks don’t require a whole lot of brain power, thankfully. Take, for example, a dress-and-shoe pairing; the two outfit ingredients take little to no time to physically put on your body, but somehow the final result consistently feels pretty polished and put-together. This low-effort, high-yield kind of situation is well-suited for summer, when you have less time to think about what you’re wearing because you’re spending more time enjoying vacations or weekend barbecues with friends. In other words, a dress-and-shoe pairing is a golden recipe for wardrobe success.

So the natural next question is what dress to wear with which shoes? Turns out there is a boatload of possibilities. To help spark a few new ideas, though, we rounded up seven combinations that work like a charm. From the best kicks to complement your slip dress to the coolest way to wear those cowboy boots you’ve been dying to break out of the closet, scroll down to discover and shop your favorites to get going on your next effortless summer look.