7 Cool French Outfits to Repeat From Instagram Now

French women are certainly a strong source of inspiration for this editor. I’ve covered the topic at length, touching on everything for the seven-piece French fall wardrobe to exactly how I learned to dress like the French from some firsthand observations when living in Paris for three months. But now I don’t have to take a trip to Paris to take in their style lessons. Instead, I’m looking to Instagram to find out their best outfit ideas and adopting them for myself.

If you, too, admire French style as much as I do, and wouldn’t mind borrowing some of their outfit ideas, I’ve rounded up some of the best here. These looks are a far cry from the trench coat and Breton stripes that Parisian women are often associated with. Instead, you’ll find the classics mixed in with a new wave of style ideas with everything from bold colors to minimal and modern shoes. Ahead, see the what stylish French women are wearing now and shop the pieces to get their looks—even if you never step foot in the Tuileries.