7 Chinese Fashion Trends We’re Taking Notes On

There’s something so intriguing about virtually traveling around the world (via our favorite photosites, that is) to see what fashion girls across the pond are wearing. French-girl style is certainly amongst the most sought after of aesthetics, and for that, we love examining the getups that debut during Paris Fashion Week and on our go-to French girls’ Instagram feeds. But there are other countries that boast fashion crazes that deserve to be mentioned (and emulated) just as much those hailing from the City of Lights. 

Enter, China and the Chinese fashion trends street-stylers have been rocking a good 6,700 miles away. While many do echo the fashions reigning supreme in Japan, there were a few subtle differences we took note of. Playing up proportions and adding in pops of color are very much a thing in China and in Japan, but new trends like monochrome white, cropped blazers, and dreamy lavender hues taking over the streets of China have us inspired to go a bit bolder this season.