7 Chic Fashion Bloggers Over 40

There is a certain confidence that lies in these over-40s women’s wardrobes. These are women who have seen generations of trends come and go, they have the wisdom to know what clothing does and doesn’t work for them, they don’t feel the need to embrace all the trends, and they aren’t afraid to pull off powerful statement pieces. Moreover, their wardrobes are anchored by quality, statement pieces that last them a lifetime. So when I’m looking to get inspired, it’s no wonder I turn my attention to these fashion muses for their wealth of fashion knowledge and strong sense of personal style. 

While there’s no denying that millennials are currently dominating our feeds, that doesn’t make them any more relevant or valuable than their more mature counterparts. So today, I’m sharing some of my favorite stylish women over 40 who I love to follow on Instagram. Scroll below to see and shop their coolest looks.