7 Celebrity Outfits With Pointed-Toe Stilettos

We primarily group shoe trends into three main categories. There are one-hit wonders (aka fun styles that bounce out after a season), It styles (which come in and hold their own for a bit), and true classics. In reference to the latter, these are the silhouettes that remain constant year after year thanks to their timeless nature. In fact, celebrities often rely on these styles to complete their everyday looks.

And I’m happy to report that pointed-toe stilettos remain a must-have in the rotations of the coolest fashion A-listers. That’s right. After scrolling through a selection of street style imagery recently, it became evident that stars just won’t give up classic stilettos. Sure, this group opts for the latest looks to keep their vibes trend-forward, but a pair of stilettos will always be a go-to because they bring a sleek, flattering vibe to any outfit.

To highlight further, I rounded up a sampling of celebs from Ashley Graham to Meghan Markle to Victoria Beckham recently wearing pointed-toe stilettos with a range of ensembles to showcase just how perfect this shoe trend is—and always will be. I also shopped out a few of my favorite styles in case you’re looking to refresh your rotation.