7 Celebrities and Fashion Girls With the Balenciaga City Bag

If you were to think back to some of the most iconic fashion items between 10 and 15 years ago, a few items would probably flash through your mind: Von Dutch caps, Ugg boots (worn with denim miniskirts, obviously), and the iconic Balenciaga Motorcycle “City” bag.

The latter style (designed in 2000 by Nicolas Ghesquière) hung on the wrist of every It girl from Paris Hilton to Lauren Conrad in the early and mid-2000s. Flash-forward to 2016 and the silhouette began resurfacing when Mary-Kate Olsen stepped out with it. Now it’s reclaiming its place as a certified must-have thanks to its inherently cool slouchy silhouette.

We actually caught up with Charles Gorra, CEO and found of Rebag, to back us up on the rise in the bag’s popularity. “This bag has been around for 18 years; it became a classic and then somewhat plateaued,” Gorra explains. “But since the graffiti print launched a few seasons ago, clients have been clamoring for it again.” That’s right: The City bag is now proving to be a best seller in 2019.

Keep scrolling to take a trip down memory lane with a few throwback snaps of celebs with the Balenciaga stunner. See see how fashion girls of today are styling the bag, and shop it for yourself along with other designer-handbag staples.