7 Black Friday Shopping Tips All the Insiders Know

I’ll admit it: Black Friday is a sport. Between the early wakeup calls, long lines, and high-stakes deals, it’s not an endeavor for the faint of heart. But if you’re determined to score the best deals, which you probably are given that you’re reading this, we’re about to share a few Black Friday shopping tips that will set you apart as an expert shopper even if you’re really a novice at the post-Thanksgiving holiday. If it’s your first time venturing out for the biggest shopping day of the year, you should be prepared.

Gone are the days of sleeping in and casually wandering your local mall on this day. Instead, it’s common to find people who wake up at the crack of dawn or even stay up all night after Thanksgiving in pursuit of the best deals. We’re not saying you have to be one of them, but we will share the pieces of advice that everyone who’s a die-hard Black Friday shopper will know. And, you guessed it, planning ahead is the biggest way to come out successful.

Curious to learn everything there is to know about prepping for Black Friday shopping? Keep reading to discover seven hacks and then shop pieces we recommend at the end.