60 Affordable Beauty Products That Are Also Best-Sellers

While there are plenty of extravagant, highly sought-after beauty products with equally extravagant price tags in today’s beauty market, let us not forget a product’s lovability isn’t directly correlated to how much it costs. Sure, holy-grail names like Augustinus Bader or La Mer have legendary legs, but $100, $200, and $300+ a pop for face cream (no matter the ingredients or quality) can be hard, or even impossible, to stomach. 

In an effort to celebrate some of the best-selling beauty products that won’t wound your wallet, we’ve rounded up six of our favorite retailers and searched every crevice of their beauty collection. The result? 10 in-demand products per retailer that ring in at a more palatable range spanning $3 to $50. Keep scrolling for the best-selling, yet more affordable products from Verishop, Violet Grey, Dermstore, Sephora, Net-a-Porter, and Nordstrom.