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Are back now with the heartwarming story of when a little boy who was color-bli seesol the. Time.6-year-old Cameron Frink couldn’tistinguish between reds and greens so first’s take a look at this. This is how we . How he S erything there. And this is how we see everything. That was until cameron’sher Erin gave him a P of special glasses changin his view and take a look at remarkable me. Look at your case and tell me chat is. Wait. Are these my color — Yeah. Oh, my gosh. This I red. Oh, H. This — and that’s wh at the sunset. I feel incredible. What do you think,uddy. Oh, my gosh, oh, mygo oh, my gosh and you’re — oh my — your pants are black. And your — and your shoes are pink a your shorts white a you’re peach. Mom, thank you so much. Preci mt, indeed. Cameron and his mom are joining us N frommarietta,georgia. Cameron, Erin, thank you for joining . We have to ask when did you first noticeha Cameron had an iswi colors? He was about 3 years old a in prescho excelling at all thel preschool studies that would normally have trouble with his colors. And as herosedough school we realized THA he was Baltimore blind. We hav family history of I and as he’s gottenen able to elaborate more on his colors and of explain it to us we realized that he was color-blind. And Cameron, I’ve watched the full video and watch it I saw you say can I wear these glasses to ol. G to wear themor but you’ve only had tm F week. What is your life beenike since you’ve had the glasses. Well it has azing. There’s been so much colors. And there’s even that — there’s shat I didn’t know existed. Oh, like what? Like what color did you N know existed? L like maybe — Too many colors for him. Too many colors. Oo many. He’s stillrning whathe all are. Y violet. I bet he is. Eri. We saw his reaction. Whaske for you witnessing cs for first time? It’s indescribable. Know, you see these videos that are on Facebook and Uber of all these firsts and dt think that I’d ever experience it T when I did, gave himthe ses, I didn’t know if were going Tok or not and as soon as he saw the color red, I’m going to start crying and tearing up now. For test time it was — it was amazingnd him see him see the world all these colors that did existed is incredib he’s ansoe boy and we just have so much Fu together when we go outside and H can see everything in technicolor, it’s indescribable. What’s Y favorite color, Cameron? My favorite color is red. All right. Bless Yo Erin, K soap for sharing your story with us. Thank you. Have a fantastic weekend. Ah. That was great. Thank you. Too.

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